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Buyaka Kule 2 K.20 Ümraniye / İstanbul - TR

o J.D. – İstanbul University – Institute of Social Sciences
   (The Conditions And Consequences Of Duress In Accordance
   With Turkish Code Of Obligations)

o LL.M. – İstanbul University – Institute of Social Sciences
   (Formative Rights)

o Law School – İstanbul University – School of Law


• German
• English


• İstanbul Bar Association

Practice Areas

• Obligations Law
• Compensation and Liability Law
Contract Law
• Family and Persons Law
• Property Law
• Inheritance Law
Information Technologies and Telecommunication
• Compliance
Health Law
Tender Law
Energy and Mining Law
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DEMİRBAŞ is a civil law professor and one of the founding partners of ODAK Partners.

DEMİRBAŞ utilizes his academic and scientific background practicing law under the roof of ODAK Partners for he handles high profit commercial disputes. In this context, he provides legal consultancy to domestic and foreign clients on negotiation, shaping and changes during the taking and execution of important commercial contracts and decisions. Dealing with numerous commercial and corporate disputes, DEMİRBAŞ also represents both Turkish and international client organizations.

DEMİRBAŞ’s experience on conflict solution offers pragmatistic and strategic solutions during dispute negotiations for his clients.


■ Defense Industry Contracts (2021).
■ Obligations of Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers within the Scope of the Code No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce (2015).
■ Formative Rights (2007).


■ Legal Processes After Covid-19 (with Prof. Ali PASLI) (2020).
■ Amendments of the Provisions Regarding Adoption in Swiss Civil Code (with Asst. Davut ARMAĞAN).
■ The Effect of Administrative Court’s Cancellation Decision about Nonprocedural Tender to the Public Tender Contract (2017).
■ Exercise of Certain Authorities' Belonging to the Parent or Guardian over Children Placed in Social Services Institutions by the Authorized or Responsible Person of the Institution    (2014).
■ Conditions of Restitution of Foundation’s Cultural Assets to Their Seized Foundation (Conditions of Application of Article 30 of the Foundations Code) (2014).
■ Protection of Personal Rights of Juridical Persons against Attacks on Their Social and Commercial Reputation (2014).
■ A Comparative Analysis of Turkish Civil Code Art. 240 and 652, Which Provide the Surviving Spouse Right in rem on the Family Residence and Household Goods (2009).

Presentation & Events

■ Legal Processes After Covid-19 (with Prof. Ali PASLI) – Webinar at İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (2020).