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33 Hoy Close, Kennington Court, London, NW9 4ET - UK

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London Office


Besides guiding individual and enterprise investments in Türkiye to the world, Odak Partners established offices in important centres of the world to better meet the necessities of our clients. In this regard, we have been active in London, the finance capital of the world, since 2018.


Odak Partners was established in İstanbul by lawyers Osman Bozkurt, Harun Demirbaş and Emrah Kulaklı in 2006. Along with our headquarters in İstanbul, we have offices in London and Dubai. We provide excellent legal services to our clients from more than 20 countries worldwide. Odak Partners prioritizes client satisfaction. With our objective, independent and solution-oriented perspective, we provide both legal and commercial consultancy services in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. With our ever-growing team, we aim to become a strategic solution partner to our clients.

Odak London's main areas of activities are carrying out individual and enterprise investment processes, keeping up with dispute resolutions, making negotiations for investors and credit funds, carrying out franchising negotiation meetings for brands, and establishing commercial networks.

Here is a list of the activity areas of Odak Partners' London Office:

• Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

• Corporate & Commercial Law

• Regulations & Compliance

• Technology Law

• Property Law

• International Trade Law

• International Investment Law

• Intellectual Property Law