FAQ About Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Purchasing Property in Türkiye

May 13th, 2022

In this article, we would like to notify the concerns about acquisition of citizenship opportunities through purchasing property.

Question: What is the easiest and cheapest way to acquire citizenship?
The cheapest and easiest way to acquire citizenship is purchasing property worth at least $400.000. This amount was increased from $250,000 to $400,000 with the regulation published in the Official Gazette on May 12, 2022. In this way, while you make a brilliant investment and own a new property in cozy places of Türkiye, you also acquire Turkish Citizenship coming along with it.

Question: Can I sell the property if I want?
Yes, you can sell your property whenever you wish after holding it for 3 years starting from day of acquisition of citizenship.

Question: Can also my family have Turkish Citizenship?
Yes, your spouse and children under age of 18 (eighteen) can acquire Turkish Citizenship along with you. No matter how big your family is, you all can acquire Turkish Citizenship on this way.

Question: Is this citizenship acquired temporarily?
There is no citizenship period, i.e. Turkish citizenship acquired through purchasing property is permanent

Question: What are the prominent benefits of Turkish citizenship?
Those who have acquired Turkish citizenship can benefit from free education, be able to work and receive full medical treatment. Additionally, it can be travelled visa-free to over 70 countries including Japan, South Korea, and South America with many other countries offering visa on arrival by means of Turkish citizenship.

Question: How much amount do I need in order to acquire Turkish Citizenship?
Depends on the you choose to acquire citizenship, for property purchase, it should be at least $400.000 or equivalent foreign currency. In the other words, property shall worth at least $400.000 or equivalent foreign currency.

Question: How is the amount assessed?
Before purchase of property, the property shall be assessed by property assessment organizations authorized by Board of Capital Markets (SPK) for property assessment.

Question: Can I only purchase houses?
No, it depends on your choice. You can have whatever you want regardless its title. The condition is the property should worth at least $400.000. Therefore, houses, flats, offices, lands, shops and many more can be purchased.

Question: Do I have to know Turkish?
No, in this way of acquiring citizenship, you do not have to know Turkish.

Question: Is there any requirement about relinquishment my current citizenship?
No, you do not need to relinquish your current citizenship, i.e. there may be dual nationality and passport.

Question: How much time does the process take?
Acquisition of citizenship process takes approximately 3-4 months, depending the pace of related ministry. You can easily acquire Turkish Citizenship in at most 6 months.