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Corporate Governance

We as ODAK Partners believe that our clients must have legal security in commercial activities from education to food and from chemistry to construction. We work closely with companies to prepare and execute a board resolution suitable to the company's organizational structure and operational potential. As ODAK Partners, our main goal is to create a secure space to our clients with our legal consultancy services for them to focus on their business. Thus we help our clients in areas such as preparing the articles and memorandum of incorporation for companies and making amendments on these documents, preparing company share transfer agreements and completing trade registry operations, arranging the rights of the company shareholders, increasing and decreasing the capital, arranging the shares, legal consulting on intracompany management and supervision processes, arranging the powers of the executive board, preparing the main specifications for selling products and services with commercial agreements, preparing general and particular agreements such as franchising agreements, keeping up with lawsuits arising from the application of agreements, giving legal consultation on audits regarding the compliance of commercial activities with market regulations, and preparing the dissolution project of companies and finalizing them. We also provide legal support for extensive and basic institutional management services.

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